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furniture design

The project conception

Where the fun starts!

During the conception phase a lot of important information relating to your project will normally be communicated between the client, their architects or their Interior Designers. 

To ensure that all of your requirements are met we will translate all your ideas and specifications into a set of 3D visuals and technical drawings that we will update and share with you  as many times as necessary until you are satisfied. Once agreed, we will then need you to sign-off the final drawings before we can move to the production phase.

We really hope you enjoy contributing to the whole design experience. We are driven to create furniture and look forward to working with you. 

Why the design phase is crucial

The design phase is crucial to ensuring the rest of your project goes as smoothly and efficiently as possible.


The design phase can take at least a week of exchanges before your requirements are fully translated and laid into sets of detailed CAD drawings. We will share these CAD drawings with you as necessary many times necessary until you sign them off to allow the production phase to start.

Our wealth of experience as Furniture Designers and Makers helps us to identify and anticipate any technical problems encountered and to find a solution to these that you are satisfied with. 

Nothing is left to chance during this process, which is why we strive to look into all the details with you before we move forward from this step.

Your ideas are important to us

Each bespoke project we create is different and requires an engineering approach and great level of attention to detail. It is crucial for us to understand your needs so that we turn your requirements into a furniture unit that will not just be beautiful but practical and durable too.

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Following your initial email enquiry in which you briefly describe your project, we will contact you to discuss your expectations in terms of design, material, budget and schedule. 

Following our first contact, it is useful if you provide us with some dimensions as well as a few snapshots of the space. Sending us a rough sketch of your bespoke unit could be helpful too.

We will usually come back to you within 48hrs with a rough estimated cost for your project. 



If you are interested in working with us we would then offer you a free consultation visit to discuss your project in more detail. We can help you choose and select your preferred material and finishes for your bespoke project from a wide range of samples during a free video call consultation or by arranging a visit at your home if you prefer. 

This visit will be necessary at some point in order to make a survey of your space to take precise measurements of the room or space where your bespoke furniture will be fitted to achieve accurate designs. Fyi, we follow the Government guidelines to maintain physical distancing during client meetings. 

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 See what measures we put in place 

The information we discuss at this stage is simply to give us an idea of your preferences and these wishes can be defined or reconsidered later during the design phase. You can change your mind about any of the above throughout the design phase time right up to the moment before you sign off the designs prior to production.



During this phase we will produce and issue you with 3D visuals as well as several sets of technical (CAD) drawings which allow us to translate your ideas into deliverable furniture units. These drawings incorporate all the information and specifications required for your project; accurate dimensions, material type, finishes, ironmongery and  hardware references and photos…


Samples in relation to your project can be produced if required.


The production only starts once you have signed off the final version of the drawing with us.

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If you are interested in working with us we will issue you with a detailed quote during the design phase. Our quotes break down where your project money will be spent. The figure shown on the quote is normally what you will pay for your project to be completed. There are no hidden costs.

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How estimate, quotes and payments work

For a free consultation and estimate of your project 


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   Furniture MAKING  

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   Furniture FITTING  

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