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furniture Fitting

Onsite installation

Installation scheduling

The installation date is agreed with you or your Project Manager towards the end of the production phase on dates at your convenience or according to the construction planning.


The length of time of the installation varies and usually takes between one day to a week to be completed (It could take longer for larger projects). Our work hours are coordinated with you to maintain your privacy. We can usually work between 8.00am till 6.00pm Monday to Friday. In some circumstances we can also work weekends if required (Extra charge may apply).

We will also carefully project manage the installation work with you to ensure minimum disruption to you and your family whether you are “living in” during the work or possibly allowing us access to your house in your absence whilst we carry out the work.


Health and safety procedures

We follow health and safety guidelines to ensure that your property and the people around stays secure and safe throughout the installation of your project. We are very respectful of our clients environment and we tidy our construction sites after each day.


Our 'Public Liability’ type insurance covers an amount worth £1,000,000.


Covid19: Working in other people’s homes and 'Physical distancing’.

We follow strict Governmental guidelines to avoid close contact with our clients during the installation phase of their projects. If you have any concerns contact us to discuss this issue and please take a look at the procedures we put in place to keep everyone safe for the duration of the installation.

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 Working safely during Covid-19 

1-  Site clearance

To help us to install your unit quickly and efficiently we require the space and surroundings where your unit to be built to be clear from unnecessary objects before we can start the work. This preliminary clearance also allows us to work safely and without damaging your belongings.

Should an existing furniture unit need to be pulled down we can quote for dismantling and clearing the waste out from your property, if required.

We will cover the fitting space where the work is to be carried out to protect the floor, the immediate surroundings and the objects or furniture that cannot be displaced before the work starts.

Then the material and tools are offload and stored safely in an area agreed with you.


2- Noise Nuisance 

Although we pre-build the majority of our clients units in the workshop, an important part of the fitting requires site work such as wall drilling, component adjustments, infill cuttings, etc…  

We do our best to limit the noise nuisance caused by the site works but we can’t always avoid it completely. Your neighbours will be reached and you may need to warn your neighbours in case we need to drill joining walls.


3- Post-installatIon snagging

Once the installation of your unit is complete we wrap up our tools, remove any waste from the site and clean the floors and all exposed furniture from dust.

We give you the time to inspect your finished project after we leave your property. If you notice anything that needs adjustment over the next few days we will arrange another visit to do any snagging that you require. It is only then, once you are fully satisfied with your project that the final payment is due. 

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 About snagging 

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