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Timber Tailors' EXPERTISe

We have the control on each phase of the creation of your bespoke furniture

Timber Tailors mission

We appreciate that commissioning bespoke furniture can be a big investment for our clients. Our responsibility is to advise to help you make the best design choice to represent best value for money, using durable material / finishes for the best quality result.


We offer a professional service to create high quality bespoke cabinetry for interiors to suit the majority of budgets. Your bespoke project will be in good hands with Timber Tailors thanks to our expertise in all the phases of its creation.

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Because no detail can be left to chance, we dedicate the necessary amount of time to design our client's project in our in-house design studio.


Our drawings are fully detailed and will give you the opportunity to review all the requirements of your project before we put your bespoke units to production.

Timber Tailors making expertise

    Furniture Making 

We take great pride and invest all our energy in making the bespoke furniture we create and to the highest quality. Our clients’ furniture are made by hand in our fully equipped workshop based in North London. 

We use both traditional techniques as well as modern tools to work efficiently and to achieve the best result.

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Because the installation phase can feel disruptive, we do our absolute best to try to limit the nuisance resulting from our presence in our client’s home or workplace.


All of the produced units are brought onsite pre-built and pre-assembled so we can concentrate on fitting the units. We follow strict health and safety guidelines.

Thinking out of the box ?

Some clients come to us with experimental projects in mind, not always furniture related.​

We would be more than happy to hear what idea you have in mind.

At Timber Tailors we are Designers and problem solvers too.

For a free consultation and estimate of your project 

Go very bespoke!

Timber Tailors London_Kitchen Island_02.

Kitchen | Plaistow

timbertailorslondon_dmws 02.jpg

Reception room | Andover

BRO125_Timber Tailors London 2019_DSCN20

Window shop | Southall

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