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Working safely during Covid-19

Measures we take for working at other people's homes and businesses

Our lives are changing 

The recent pandemic is impacting everyone’s lives and habits and we must all now interact with each other following certain rules and guidelines.


Timber Tailors' team is dedicated to ensuring these rules are applied everywhere including in our workshop space to protect everyone, our clients, our colleagues and loved ones.


Adapting to new rules 

You undoubtedly have legitimate concerns about having visitors in your home and we share those concerns. We have therefore reviewed and adapted our work procedures so that we can continue with our business whilst adhering to Covid19-related safety standards, including:


- Organising free online video consultation

- Wearing protective masks and gloves during site visits

- Physical distancing

- Washing our hands regularly while installing

- Use of antibacterial wipes to clean the surfaces we touch.

Government guidelines 

The Government has issued guidelines to be followed in order to work safely during Covid19 in other people’s homes. You can consult and download this document hereafter.


If you have any questions and concerns about our visit during the installation of your furniture unit in your property please contact us to discuss what procedures we can put in place adapted to your particular environment and needs.


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